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We design and develop mobile applications

  • High Quality

    The professionalism of our employees, as well as our use of the most effective and proven project management techniques enables us to provide high quality software products.

    Extensive quality testing

    We test applications on all supported platforms, types of devices and operating systems, check the functionality of the applications in all possible situations, trying to catch even the least likely code and functionality errors.

    Report on demand

    At any time during a project you can get a detailed report on the work completed to date and a detailed description of the upcoming phases, including plans for your applicationstill under development.

  • Just in time

    Our extensive experience of planning and implementing all stages of mobile application development allows us to launch projects quicklyand on schedule, according tomilestones approved by the customer.

    Demo-version in 2 weeks

    Within 2 weeks from the start of work you receive a functional prototype, andafter another two weeks you get a ready application. Please note that the timeframe for each project is calculated individually!

    Simultaneous development

    Application development for different mobile platforms is carried out in parallel. It accelerates your application's readiness to go live on several platforms and increases user coverage.

  • Transparent pricing

    Our prices are always reasonable because they are based on an accurate and comprehensive assessment of every stage in the development of a mobile application. The experience of successfully completing 50+ projects and re-using existing software components makes our prices affordable.

    Predicting the future

    By preparinga detailed technical description and a working prototype of each application we give our clients the opportunity to adapt projects to their changing needs and thus to achieve optimal results.

    Saving you time and money

    Usage of a very widerange of ready-to-use and tested components enables us to significantly reduce development and testing time for mobile applications.

Completed Projects


An application that helps you choose the right beauty salon and sign up for any of its services. The project is interesting not only thanks to its simple and unique design, intuitive interface and good user logic, but also because Beooty enables business owners to simplify communication with clients and to manage their salon, including monitoring and modifying the schedule, editing staff and services, and obtaining analytical data.


An application enabling management of the innovative Luke Roberts lamp. A special communication protocol between a smartphone and the lamp allows you to fully control the light in a room (multi-vector light color choice, etc.). The unique user interface is built on gestures and does not contain traditional buttons.

bottles XO

An application for wine connoisseurs. Using the application, gourmets and ordinary consumers can select a wine to compliment a certain dish, order different kinds of wine, pay by credit card and track a delivery online.


A service for sports fans. You can choose a set of exercises, a competitor and start training. The results are entered into the app and the winner is identified. Bonuses, rankings and achievements are automatically created. The mobile application and a dedicated server are responsible for processing the data.The application also helps to boost your motivation: you can add friends and keep track of their achievements, working out together or separately.


A mobile client for the delivery industry. It allows users to specify a place of departure, a destination and general parameters of a cargo, as well as to pay for a service from a smartphone and track a delivery in real time (including the contact details and location of the courier).


Your personal assistant to help you choose TV shows to watch. The app allows you to view your favorite TV shows directly on your mobile device, follow the release of new series, and receive recommendations about other TV shows based on your preferences.



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The Mobis Process

  • 1
    Idea and Requirements

    We discuss in detail your ideas and wishes with you to identify the areas of use and the target audience of the application. On the basis of this discussion is created a Requirements and Design document, which takes into account all the requirements for the design and functionality of the project.

  • 2

    The UX/UI design is developed specifically for your application. You work with our UX design team to create an elegant design to meet your needs.

  • 3

    Based on the approved technical specifications and UX design of the project, we prepare a working prototype of the future application that allows you to assess the convenience of the user interface and the performance of the main functions of the program before continuing.

  • 4

    Using the most modern and proven technology for the target mobile platform, we professionally and efficiently build your application.

  • 5

    Thorough testing of the application is carried out by our team of highly experienced test engineers on all required devices and OS versions. We can also send you a test version of the application at any stage of development upon request.

  • What’s next?
    Now your app is ready to go live on a mobile app store!

  • 6

    We can take care of all aspects of uploading to the App Store and GooglePlay, including the preparation of all materials. In addition, we can communicate with the administration of these resources in whatever language they speak to address any possible issues.